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Example of a mono print
Illustration of an Owl

When you support artists,

you make the world


Predominantly self-taught, I earned a Diploma in Advertising Art in 1995.

I was born in Manitoba and raised just outside of Portage La Prairie on a small family farm. After graduation High School I attended Red River Community College in Winnipeg for their Advertising Arts Program. After graduating college I returned to Portage la Prairie where I began work as a desktop publisher for Pure Fishing Canada. While there I created point of purchase sales and marketing signage, added french to all their packaging and assisted in laying out Pure Fishing's Canadian wholesale catalogues. After many years as a Desktop Publisher I decided to leave Graphic Design and took a job working with Adults with Disabilities in Winnipeg at a Day Program for Community Venture, Salvation Army.


I missed people. Desktop publishing can be a lonely job and I wanted something that gave me less time at a desk and more time with people. I have been with Community Venture for 15 years - all the time continuing to work on my own art projects.


In 2011, I self-published a children's book called "You Can't Make A Dinosaur out of Three Dead Horses." (Available on Amazon) for which Community Venture graciously allowed me to take a two month leave to accomplish. This book immortalized a series of events that were meant to be shared as a memorial to the passing of childhood, but sadly came at the time of the passing of one of it's founding adventurers. My mom bought 10 copies and the demographic for this book was all my friends kids (mostly boys) around 4-6yrs. Bless each one and the enthusiasm with which they embraced our morose adventure.

Christine Leader
Photo of an old chevey truck

Original photo (taken by Artist)

Finished drawing.

1957 Chevy Drawing

Finished drawing

I use my photo references as inspiration but sometimes follow my own idea. The Chevy drawing evolved over a month.

First it was the fact that the original picture had tractor tires in it which blocked actual view of the truck tire. I didn't like that so I looked for other pictures of a Chevy the same or similar age for extra reference. You can see the truck in the drawing looks like it is in much better condition then the real one.

Art and drawings from idea to paper


I have always drawn, painted, made prints, cartooned and scribbled on anything I could get my hands on. Mostly selling my art to family and friends.


My prints, drawings and illustrations start as pencil or marker drawings of an idea. Sometimes I will take them onto the computer to tweek them before transferring them for carving or painting. More recently I have been doing all my drawing on an iPad Pro. I find it easier to see. I try to draw things that interest me. I hope that you've found me on the vast internet or at a craft show because I've shared something that interests you.

Whenever possible I try to use my own photo references, but if I have an idea and no picture I use sites like who offer royalty free photos for your own use.



Thank you. For sharing my posts, buying my art, commenting, messaging or any other way in which you have supported me and my artistic endeavors. My drawings take me time, sometimes lots of time - anywhere from a week to more then a month. 


Anytime someone decides to throw themselves out into the world through art or any other form of expression, there is always trepidation that a connection won't manifest. I'm always delighted to talk to customers and other artists because that's what I feel art does - It helps us to connect and communicate.

So thank you again.

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