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Designs now available at:

Illustrated patterns by Christine Leader have now launched on Spoonflower!

Recently I began putting together some of my illustrations into repeat patterns for fabrics. I'm happy to say that the first three are up and available with more to be added! This is something that I am extremely excited to share with you.

Why Spoonflower you may ask?


I want everything that my name is associated with to be one that is sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly.

I don't print huge quantities of my art, I try to keep things minimal to ensure there is a demand for my supply so that I'm not contributing to landfills. What I liked about Spoonflower was their sustainability plan. You can read about it here: Sustainability at Spoonflower - I believe that Spoonflower is a company that is trying to take some of the HUGE amount of waste and pollution out of the fabric industry, and that something that I can get behind. I hope you'll join me!

Rosemary, Basil & Tomato Pattern by Christine Leader
Sweet Pickles pattern by Christine Leader
Pickles Pickles Pickles Pattern by Christine Leader
Dill Pickle Pattern by Christine Leader
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